Have you ever been called a clean freak?

Maybe it was a college roommate who was puzzled by your spotless side of the dorm. Or a family member who tried to wipe up a spill but was overwhelmed (and frankly intimidated) by the collection of cleaners, detergents, and disinfectants under the sink.

Some people say ‘clean freak’ like it’s a bad thing - we consider it a compliment.

A clean freak cares deeply about the details. Sure, it’s great when our toddler’s hands look clean - but we know that looks can be deceiving. We move couches, peer under ovens, and reach into drains to find the dirt and grime other people miss. And when we leave the house, we make sure we’ve remembered the essentials: keys, wallet, phone, and hand sanitizer. 

So, what is it that drives us to find and wipe away germs and messes that no one can see? It all comes down to wellbeing.

There are, of course, the obvious benefits of cleaning: When we clean a surface or use hand sanitizer, we’re not just getting rid of grime and dirt – we’re also reducing germs on hands that may cause illness. Cleaning helps bring peace of mind to our families and ourselves. 

In short, we clean because it feels good. 

Waxman Kleen™ is currently focused on offering a wide assortment of hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes, and we plan to expand to antimicrobial household products, UV sanitizing lights, and much more in the coming months. We’re committed to tailoring our product selection to clean freaks everywhere, because for us, cleaning isn’t just a chore - it’s how we care for our family, unwind after a long day, and create a cleaner world around us. 

So, to every clean freak out there: Welcome home…

…but please, take your shoes off at the door ;).